Dapper Woodworks Interview on The Buttoned Up Podcast

Dapper Woodworks Interview on The Buttoned Up Podcast

Recently I had the honor to be interviewed on The Buttoned Up Podcast. If you aren't familiar with The Buttoned Up Podcast, it is a collaboration between Jon Shanahan of The Kavalier and Brock McGoff of The Modest Man. Jon and Brock are both known for their menswear blogs and Youtube channels, and I really enjoy the content that they produce. They both have a few of my products that they use in their studio so they have been fans of my products for a little while. I've been listening to The Buttoned Up podcast for about a year, and I've really enjoyed their interviews with other menswear brands and influencers. We talk about how I got into menswear and woodworking, and how I started Dapper Woodworks. I am very thankful for them having me the podcast and I hope you enjoy the episode!


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