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Custom Bolivian Rosewood Tie Rack with stainless pegs
Custom Bubinga tie rack with shelf and brass pegs
Custom Tie Rack - Dapper Woodworks
Custom Walnut tie rack with brass pegs
Custom Luxury wood tie rack with stainless pegs
Custom bubinga tie rack with brass pegs
Custom Tie Rack - Dapper Woodworks
Custom Tie Rack - Dapper Woodworks
Custom Tie Rack - Dapper Woodworks
Custom Tie Rack - Dapper Woodworks
Custom Tie Rack - Dapper Woodworks
Custom Tie Rack - Dapper Woodworks
Custom Tie Rack
Custom Tie Rack

Custom Tie Rack


Custom Tie Rack


Looking for the best way to organize and display your tie collection? Look no further than our custom tie rack. Now you can customize your tie rack in a variety of sizes, wood options, and hardware finishes to match your aesthetic. Every tie rack is handcrafted in Sachse, TX using luxurious hardwoods and beautifully finished metal hardware. Since every piece of wood is different you will receive a truly one of a kind product. Please use the contact page or email info@dapperwoodworks.com if you have any questions or if you have a special request such as:

- Tie and belt combo rack (Please specify the # of belt hooks you want to add)

- Racks over 30" with a shelf (Due to machinery limitations we need to discuss first and I'll make a custom invoice)

- Specific peg spacing


- Tie rack is designed to efficiently maximize storage

- Handmade in USA

- Made with hardwood sourced from a local lumber supplier.

- Machined metal hardware is available in multiple finishes. (Copper is no longer available)

- Easily mounted on the wall using keyhole slots on the back. Marking template, screws, and drywall anchors are included.

- Finished with natural Odie's Oil

- No Shelf - 3.75" Wide

- Shelf - 3.75" Wide 4.25" Tall

- Every board is different so wood color and grain will vary from photo.

- All items are made to order and may take up to 4-5 weeks to ship.

Customer Reviews

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Richard P
Well-Designed & High Quality, Made from Unusual Hardwoods

Over the years I have used many different types of tie racks: accordion, battery-powered rotating, and other approximations of Dapper Woodworks offering, and none compare: Justin's are simply the best! They represent the best design and the highest quality workmanship. With regard to the design, the beautifully finished steel pegs have a perfect highly functional profile, and they are spaced the ideal distance apart -- as close as possible, but not too close. The marking template for the optimized wall-mounting system is essential, and it works well. With regard to the workmanship, the wood is professionally machined and finished, the peg spacing is 100% uniform, and the mounting holes on the back side are aligned with a very tight tolerance, which is especially important for a long 40" African Mahogany rack such as we purchased since it calls for four screw-mounts, guaranteeing a very level and secure installation. Dapper offers a broad range of solid and unique hardwoods. You may want to contact Justin prior to ordering to assure that the natural finish of the wood you are ordering will meet your expectations. As others have noted, communicating with Justin is easy, so contact him if you have questions. Rightfully, these custom-made racks should not be returnable. Justin's tie racks should not be compared to others on the market, even others of similar design. His may cost a bit more, but they are worth it, and they will be the last you'll ever purchase. Note: each rack is supplied with its own template, they are not interchangeable, and it's necessary to remember which end is left and which is right in relation to the holes drilled into the wall.

Conor Norris

The quality is incredible and it's well worth the money. I ordered the tie rack and I highly recommend it.

Kirk Dillon
Beautiful Belt and Tie racks

Couldn't be happier with the tie and belt racks in fact I'm so impressed with them that I am getting them for Christmas presents for my son and son in law! Plus my wife is shopping on your website for her own items.

Ashley Swaner
Wonderful gift

I ordered the custom tie rack for my husband as a gift and he absolutely loved it. It's really hard to find a quality tie rack and this is exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful and timeless, well worth the cost. The communication between the seller was also superb.

Custom Tie Rack & Coat Hook

Outstanding craftsmanship, Justin is truly a woodworking artist.