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Black Pocket Square Clips - Dapper Woodworks
Pocket Square Clips

Pocket Square Clips


- Plastic clips are great for storing pocket squares, scarves, or watch bands.

- Simply pinch to release 

- Will not damage fine silk, wool, linen or cotton 

- Works great on our pocket square organizer or for your own DIY solution

- Package of 25 clips

- Available in black or white

- Pictures shows closed and open positions

- Open position allows you to clip them on a rod, then you close the teeth and squeeze the clip to hold the pocket squares.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Niven Padachy
Good Product

Pleased with clips. Product met expectations. Will buy again.

Solid, Useful and Safe

I purchased a set of 25 black clips when I first started my pocket square collection. These clips hold my silk pocket squares perfectly and don’t damage the silk. These are very easy to use and I am happy with the purchase. I will definitely be purchasing another set of 25 as my pocket square collection continues to grow. As noted by a previous reviewer, there is an "open" and "closed" position for the clips. Once the clip is closed, there should be no issues with the clip holding any pocket square or scarf.

amazing product

I bought 200 and use them on my own self made pocket square display. They work perfectly. They are strong enough to hold large scarfs and other heavy fabric items. I have also used them as laundry clips. Make sure to close the clip before using. If I could upload an image of my use of them, I would.

Thanks for the review Kevin! These are so functional and great for a wide variety of uses. Unfortunately I don't have a way to upload pictures, but it would be great to see how you put them to use!

Michael Wiens

Simple to use, hard to find elsewhere, and at $5.00 for 25 clips, a great bang for your buck. The other reviewer, who claimed these clips wouldn’t hold her fabric, must not have been using her clips properly; she likely had them in the open position they arrive in (as pictured on the right side of the picture) and didn’t realize they need to be closed (left side of picture). This is an “investment” you shouldn’t go without.

Mike, thank you so much for your review. Glad the pocket square clips are working perfect for you!

Pocket Square Hooks

Total waste of money. They my not hurt the fabric but they definitely don't hold it. Would not recommend and won't order again.