How to Install a Dapper Woodworks Tie Rack

How to Install a Dapper Woodworks Tie Rack

Dapper Woodworks Installation Instructions

All of our tie racks, pocket square organizers, and coat hooks are designed to be easily mounted on the wall. Each wall mounted item has keyhole slots on the back so there are no visible screws. We have put a lot of thought into making our products as simple as possible to install.

Keyhole slots on tie rack


Your order contains:

- Dapper Woodworks tie rack, pocket square organizer, or coat hook.

- Reusable storage bag

- Mounting template (Thin strip of wood with 2 holes)

- Drywall anchors and screws

What you need:

- Pencil or pen

- Phillips head screwdriver

- Cordless drill with bits (Optional)

- Level or smartphone with level app


Step 1 - Remove product from packaging and decide where to mount on wall.

Step 2 - Place mounting template on the wall and use a level or app on your phone to make sure it it straight.

Step 3 - Once the template is level, mark the holes on the wall with pencil.

Installing Tie Rack

Step 5 (Wood studs) - Predrill pilot holes with 1/8" bit. Screw the screws into wood studs or wood wall using screw driver or drill.

Step 5 (Drywall) - Screw drywall anchors into drywall with screwdriver where you marked the holes. Then screw the screws into the anchors. (You may predrill a hole first for the anchor, but they should screw in with just a screwdriver)

Dapper Woodworks Wall Installation

Step 7 - The screws should line up exactly with the keyholes slots. Mount your Dapper Woodworks product onto the screws. Make adjustments if needed.

Hanging Dapper Woodworks tie rackWall mounting tie rack

Step 8 - Organize your ties or pocket squares and enjoy!

hanging ties on tie rack

Bolivian rosewood custom tie rack

Hopefully this guide answers any questions and helps you easily install your Dapper Woodwork's product. If you have any trouble with installation or if you need more hardware then please contact us.

Thank you so much for supporting Dapper Woodworks!

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