How to Store Ties - Choosing the Best Solution for Your Collection

How to Store Ties - Choosing the Best Solution for Your Collection - Dapper Woodworks

How to Store Your Ties

How to store ties - Dapper Woodworks

Ties come in a range of prices. Many of you have likely invested in at least one, if not many, quality ties, and you need a way to store them. Proper storage of your ties is not only for ease of use but also, so they last a long time and so you waste little time finding the right tie to wear for the day. Today we are going to cover two different ways to store ties and what you should consider when deciding how to store them.
First off, why do you need a particular way to store ties? Why not just throw them haphazardly into a drawer. I hope this is obvious, but piling your ties in a box or drawer will cause them to wrinkle and wear out prematurely, and it will make a mess of a drawer. Also, finding a tie that works with your outfit will be tough to find, causing you to add a few minutes to your morning everyday. So what is the best solution? Let's take a look at two that might work for you.

Solution #1- Roll your ties.

Rolling your ties and storing them in a drawer is a simple option. Rolling your ties keeps them wrinkle-free and can be a good option if you have a free drawer and only have a few to store. The issue with this method is it takes up a lot more space and can be hard if you have more than a few ties. Also, there is the risk of your tie snagging on rough or splintered wood, ruining your precious ties. Here are a few of the pros and cons of using a drawer.


- This method keeps you ties tucked away neatly


-Time to roll each tie every time you take it out, whether you wear it or not.
-This method requires more space than other methods in both picking out and putting away ties.
-It is not easy to see for ease of choosing a tie in the morning.
-Chance of ruining ties due to snagging in the drawer.
This method really can work well, but it is not space or time efficient. More than likely, our next solution will work better for you.

Solution #2- Hang your ties.

This option is much better than rolling your ties for those of you who have more than a few ties and are lacking in extra drawer space. This also makes it easy to find an option that works with your outfit and to organize. When you hang your ties, there are a few benefits that you won't get with other methods. The first is to be able to see your personal tie collection beautifully displayed. This will ease the process of choosing a tie and may even convince you to wear one more often. The other thing that it does is to make it easier to take out/put away your ties after wearing them. If you are anything like me, saving time and effort where you can is desirable. This method can also help with your closet organization if you get a tie rack with a shelf. I store my cologne and deodorant on my tie rack as it makes getting ready in the morning a bit easier. Also, my tie rack is a dark walnut color, so it makes me feel like a million dollars every time I get ready.
How to store ties - Hang on a tie rack
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-Easy to take ties out and put them away, saving you time.
-Easier to find the perfect tie to match your look for the day.
-Your ties are proudly displayed rather than hidden away.
-If you get a beautiful tie rack, it can boost your confidence and be an excellent way to store items you wear/use every day.


-The rack takes up some wall space (which can also be a pro depending on your view).
-Costs more than using a drawer.

Choosing Your Tie Storage

Now that you have the information to choose how you want to store your ties, the next question is what you should use to store them. If you know anything about us, it should be obvious how we suggest you hang your ties. We recommend you hang your ties on a beautiful wood tie rack on quality pegs. There are cheap options out there, but the luxurious look and feel of a beautiful tie rack is something every man needs to experience. Also, the risk you run of snagging your tie (due to a poorly finished tie rack) is significantly reduced. Let's take a look at some of the benefits.
First off, beautiful wood racks look and feel luxurious, as we mentioned above. This is an item you are going to buy once, so long as you buy a quality item the first time. If you invest a little bit of money in a high-quality tie rack and care for it, it will last for decades. It will also inspire you to care for your ties when you see it.
The next benefit of a tie rack is for those of you who think you may expand your tie collection in the future; a tie rack is likely the best way to go. For those of you who have space and know you are not likely to buy more than a few ties, a drawer might be a good option, but we would disagree.
We have a range of tie rack options in multiple sizes, woods and hardware finishes. You can also get a custom tie rack made to your specifications. 
Custom Tie Rack with new pegs
Small Walnut Tie Rack

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